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Posted: June 8, 2009 by lamayor in Silliness

Angry Michelle

Michelle looks pissed, doesn’t she?  What’s wrong?   Are Carla’s shoes cuter than yours?

Caption Contest – Come up with the best caption.  Winner wins our esteem and applause.


Jack Kemp, R.I.P.

Posted: May 3, 2009 by lamayor in R.I.P.


Jack Kemp, one of my conservative heroes, passed away yesterday.  With Sen. William Roth (think IRA’s) and Kemp at his side, President Reagan signed the Kemp-Roth tax cut in 1981.  This unlikely pairing — a quarterback and actor turned politicians — produced the longest economic boom in peacetime.  They were champions of freedom brought together by history at a time when freedom and prosperity seemed on the decline.  Their faith in a confident people unleashed to create and grow should serve as an example for us today.  R.I.P.

Equal Partners?

Posted: April 20, 2009 by lamayor in Cuba


Jeff Jacoby Gets It

Posted: April 18, 2009 by lamayor in Communism, Cuba, Dems, Obama, Politics

This man writes for the Boston Globe. He is quite possibly the only one there with a working brain cell.  Well, other than the sportswriters, because I hate the Yankees.

All people should live in freedom. No one has the right to “run a nation” like a prison camp. Those are core American truths – truths most Democrats once understood in their bones. Do they still?

Read his excellent column here.


The Obamans are now wanting us to believe that the President did not bow to the Saudi king.  Quite the contrary they say . . . .

“It wasn’t a bow. He grasped his hand with two hands, and he’s taller than King Abdullah.”

So, our President, who apparently towers over most world leaders, simply wanted to get a closer look at the diminutive King.

Click the link above and judge for yourself.


This is appalling.  A President of the United States, freely elected by the People, bowing to an unelected monarch of a country that raised 15 of the 19 9/11 attackers, no less?!  Can you imagine Reagan doing this?  Hell, I can’t even imagine Clinton doing this.

God help us.

More here.

H/T Babalu

Verbal Diarrhea Alert

Posted: April 7, 2009 by lamayor in Communism, Cuba, Dems, US House, Verbal Diarrhea

A Verbal Diarrhea Alert has been issued for the DLO reading area.  Today’s oral defecation comes to us not just from one but from many — The Congressional Black Caucus.  Also known as commie boot licking useful idiots, some CBC members made a trek to Havana to sip a few mojitos, smile at the quaint natives, and continue Obama’s meme of blaming the United States for every evil.

However, no visit to Havana could be complete without a meeting with Murder, Inc. — the Castro brothers.  Here they are hanging on little brother’s every word (indulging in a little verbal diarrhea himself, no doubt) . . . . .


The Underboss getting his tribute.

Now, no visit to Cuber would be complete for these fellow travelers without an audience with The Don himself, El Coma Andante.  So, without any further ado, the diarrhea:

“It was quite a moment to behold,” Lee said, recalling her moments with Castro.

“It was almost like listening to an old friend,” said Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Il.), adding that he found Castro’s home to be modest and Castro’s wife to be particularly hospitable.

“In my household I told Castro he is known as the ultimate survivor,” Rush said.

Rep. Laura Richardson (D-Ca.) said Castro was receptive to President Obama’s message of turning the page in American foreign policy.

“He listened. He said the exact same thing” about turning the page “as President Obama said,” said Richardson.

Richardson said Castro knew her name and district. “He looked right into my eyes and he said, ‘How can we help? How can we help President Obama?'”

Yeah, right.  And if you believe that, then sunshine and bunny rabbits are about to hop out of his surgically repaired ass.

But, my friends, all is not lost.  Someone does get it.  Let’s wipe diarrhea with the venerable Thomas Sowell . . . .

How a man who holds the entire population of a country as his prisoners, and punishes the families of those who escape, can be admired by people who call themselves liberals is one of the many wonders of the human mind’s ability to rationalize. Yet such is the case with Fidel Castro.

More from Sowell (emphasis mine):

Barack Obama seems determined to repeat every disastrous mistake of the 1930s, at home and abroad. He has already repeated Herbert Hoover’s policy of raising taxes on high income earners, FDR’s policy of trying to micro-manage the economy and Neville Chamberlain’s policy of seeking dialogues with hostile nations while downplaying the dangers they represent.


Obama Really Hates the Brits

Posted: April 1, 2009 by lamayor in Obama, The Presidency

"Mr. President, I would've preferred a Zune."

First, the President sends back  the bust of Winston Churchill.  Then he fumbled Gordon Brown’s visit to the White House.  The PM didn’t get a state dinner, a fawning press conference, and wasn’t even allowed to play on the killer new White House swing set.  To add insult to injury, Obama acted like a harried shopper on Christmas Eve and gave Brown a DVD box set.  Snakes on a Plane wasn’t even included, but hopefully the PM has Netflix.

So much for our vaunted “special relationship”.

Fast forward to today — April Fool’s Day no less.  President Obama meets with Queen Elizabeth II and he gives her . . . . an iPod!  I’m sure the Queen is not easy to shop for — I mean, you can’t just give her a Target gift card and tell her to buy herself something nice.  You have to put some thought into it.  Something that honors not just her but the British people.

Now, let’s not be too quick to judge.  An iPod may not be all that bad.  It is, after all, a premier innovation from one of this country’s hippest and exciting entrpreneurial companies.  It’s not the traditional monarchical gift but functional, and I’m sure she likes to get her groove on like anybody else.  That is, until she checks the playlist.

President and First Lady Obama gave Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II a video iPod with inscription, songs uploaded and accessories, plus a rare musical songbook signed by Richard Rodgers.

Uploaded onto the iPod:

  • Photos from the Queen’s 2007 White House State Visit
  • Photos from the Queen’s 2007 Jamestown, Va., Visit
  • Photos from the Queen’s 2007 Richmond, Va., Visit
  • Video from the Queen’s 1957 Jamestown Visit
  • Video from the Queen’s 2007 Jamestown Visit
  • Video from the Queen’s 2007 Richmond Visit
  • Photos from President Obama’s Inauguration
  • Audio of then-state senator Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and
  • Audio of President Obama 2009 Inauguration Address

Britain’s Press Association reports that the Royal couple gave the Obamas “a silver-framed, signed photograph of themselves.”

I can see it now: The Queen in her perfectly clipped English shouting, “Yes, we can!”  Like I said, he really hates the Brits.

The President was gracious, I’m sure, when presented with the framed photograph of the Queen and Prince Philip.  However, something tells me he was wondering when she would finally give him the gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

While we’re on the subject — the lovely SI swimsuit model, Marisa Miller, wins the award for Best Use of an iPod.  Nicely done.