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Hey Radical Old Hippie . . . . .

Posted: January 13, 2009 by lamayor in Israel, Terrorism

. . . . . You’re a douchebag!  So much douchiness wrapped up in a red package!



Verbal Diarrhea Alert

Posted: January 2, 2009 by cacoop in Blogs, Dems, Hollywood, Israel, Terrorism, Verbal Diarrhea


The effusive spew of the terminally insane continues…

The ever dependable Roseanne Barr posits that Israel is the new Nazi State.

(WARNING – Link takes you to the moron’s site… please apply generous amounts of Purell to your eyes prior to returning to the DLO)

It has been awhile so I thought the best way to get the blog-o-matic running again would be to dump out a few quick (read – half baked) thoughts:

  • HRIC (Head RINO in Charge) GWB’s usurping of the failed UAW bailout, Al Franken’s election fixing in MN, Blago’s “appointment” of his buddy Burris (a man who fought to execute a beyond-teh-shadow-of-a-doubt innocent (albeit dirtbaggish) man to appear tough on crime whilst running for governor) and the upcoming Coronation of Sweet Princess Caroline (teh awesomest vid evah here) have all turned the US Senate into the equivalent of a Bugs Bunny Cartoon.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Bugs… just not sure that “Ballot Box Bunny” is the appropriate template for electing people to what has been up till now a vital branch of our Federal Government.
  • Government bailouts extending to Newspapers goes way beyond the absurd into the realm of obscene, intolerable and unconstitutional. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN!
  • Roseanne Barr is a fricking moron. (VDA forthcoming)
  • Favorite new blog here (WARNING – NSFW – Lot’s of profanity.)

Happy New Year.

What me worry?

Posted: December 4, 2008 by cacoop in Iran, Israel, Military, Obama, Terrorism


by cacoop

Uh… Moe… I tried to warn you to take it down a notch.  But did you listen?  Nooooo.

I hope you have been working on your Yoga, you kooky little bastard, you…  It’s time for you to kiss your ass goodbye.


Assalaamu 'Aleykum Dickweed


by cacoop

Uh, Mahmoud… Buddy… Your flava of crazy, although waaaayyyy out there, has been relatively entertaining during the past few years.  I guess it was because although you are out-of-your-fricking-gourd-bat-poop-certifiably-insane, you have been a contained threat, affording the world the opportunity to laugh at you.   Essentially, under Bush, the world knew that you knew that America meant business.  Although your bravado has been extreme and your lunatic rantings have become, unfathomably, even more unhinged than ususal, everyone knew that Bush would not hesitate to unleash the gates of hell on your kooky little ass if you got too far out of line.  Consequently, our buddies over in Israel, have given you fairly wide latitude to “get your crazy on”… until now, that is…

Now, with an America tempered by the Concessionator-in-Chief, our good friends over in the Persian Gulf (the ones that you have promised to annihilate – you know the ones), they aren’t feeling so comfy with the idea of letting you roam free to do your evil, yet up til now, relatively harmless, bidding.  Soooooooo Mahmy… Maybe it’s time to take a step back, throw your hands up in the air and declare, “April Fools!”  If not, I think the “Infidels” are going to shove a few Jericho III’s up your heiney-hole

Looks like the “Zionist Vermin” mean bidness this time… My favorite clue comes directly from the Israeli Air Force Commander:

A strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities “is a political decision,” …. “Please understand that I do not want to get into details. I can only say this: It is not a technical or logistical question.”

In other words, Mahmo, this ain’t a matter of “Can they do it?”.  To steal a page from our recently elected demagogue: Yes, they can.

Time to start heading to the bunker.  Your goose is cooked.


Ruh Roh, Raggy!