I Support the President!

Posted: January 28, 2009 by lamayor in Obama, Obamamania, Politics, The Presidency

This is priceless . . . .

As someone who did not vote for President Obama, I don’t want to be lumped in with the haters, so here is a list of examples showing just how much I support our President:

  1. I support him as much as Code Pink supports our troops.
  2. I support him as much as N.O.W. supports Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
  3. I support him as much as the Hollywood community supported Theo Van Gogh.
  4. I support him as much as Nancy Pelosi supports the Catholic Church’s teachings on life.
  5. I support him as much as Al Gore supports cutting down on his personal carbon footprint to save the world.
  6. I support him as much as John Edwards supports The National Enquirer’s right to publish pictures of his girlfriend and baby.
  7. I support him as much as Western gay rights groups support Mehdi Kazemi.
  8. I support him as much as the Castro brothers support Oscar Biscet’s right to free speech.
  9. I support him as much as Ted Kennedy supports renewable wind energy off the coast of his summer mansion.
  10. I support him as much as Bill Clinton supports Hillary’s ambitions for higher office.
  11. I support him as much as the National Education Association supports the rights of students and parents to get a quality education over the security of a teacher’s job.
  12. I support him just as much as he supports the right of a baby who survives an abortion to not spend its only living moments waiting to die in a storage room.

I hope that clears everything up. Now could someone please tell what time the oceans are going to start receding because I’d really hate to miss that one.

The Disloyal Opposition urges you to listen to Rush.  Now more than ever.

H/T Babalu

  1. El Guapo de Boston says:

    So do you agree that Rush should speak for the Republican party?

    It’s one thing for Rush — perched on his XXL throne of punditry and with his millions in the bag — to continue to cling to failed policies and ideologies, and to advocate for things that benefit his select 1/2% of the population at the direct expense of the rest of the US. It’s another thing for elected congressmen — who represent ALL of their constitutents, Rs, Ds, poor, rich, whathaveyou — to do so.

    When this country goes (further and further) into the shitter, Rush will still have his millions. What will you have, cher cousin?

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