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Congratulations, California... You're Gay!

Congratulations, California... You're Gay!

by cacoop


Wow… This is fun!¬†

At least the economy is rebounding.


But the terrorists have given up, right?

but… but…

We sure have put those commies in their place! 

OK… but those are the Chinese and they’ve always been a little unpredictable…

The Ruskies are keeping quiet.

Heeeeey, wait a second, here…



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"Vee have vays of making you accept us, bitches!"

by cacoop

The conventional wisdom is that this is the United States of America and we could never slide into a tyrannical, thought-police driven, dictatorial state of existence.  I mean, after all, we are a democratic republic.  We have elections, by which the will of the people is divined and from which we establish laws (in some cases, State Constitutional Amendments).  It is asinine to believe that we could ever be subject to a society where totalitarian actions circumvent the will of the people, right?


I would argue that the insanity in California and the abject refusal of The Supreme High Emperor Palpatine Obama to denounce the violence, civil-unrest and now domestic terrorism is an indication that we are already in the hand basket cruising straight towards you know where.

Take a walk back in time with me… Imagine if in 2000 (when¬†we had a VERY legitimate beef and cause to protest), conservatives¬†had taken to the streets, kicking old hippies and smashing their bongs, running into theaters on Broadway¬†to interrupt the matinee performance of Rent to read from the Gospels, or worst of all, sending innocuous white powder to Starbucks¬†littering the¬†corners of Greenwich Village…¬† Sounds crazy, huh?¬† Would it have been inexcusable? Definitively so.¬† Would it have been summarily stopped?¬† Absolutely.¬† Would the insane, rioters been taken to task?¬† Not only that, they would have been publicly flogged, paraded around and vilified for the whole damn world to condemn.

How is this any different from what is going on right now in California, Michigan, Utah and God knows where else?  Old ladies are being trampled and their property destroyed.  Churches are being invaded by crazed activists. And now anonymous envelopes containing white powder are being sent to Mormon Churches.  WTF?!?!

NEWS FLASH!!! – Blacks and Hispanics voted overwhelmingly to pass Proposition 8.¬† Where are the protests at the black churches?¬† Where are the protests in East LA?¬† When are the white-powder deliveries scheduled to arrive at the local NAACP and LULAC HQ’s?¬†¬†The¬†answer is there will not be any organized¬†protests and there won’t be any terrorist attacks launched against these minorities. ¬†Why?

  1. It is still acceptable to openly discriminate against Christian and Pseudo-Christian (can of worms not to be opened right now) faiths.
  2. Because the protesters are thuggish, totalitarian, irrational hypocrites that aren’t principled in the least.¬† They are cowards.¬† COWARDS!¬† They (the radical left) greatly depend upon the unwitting complicity of the Black and Hispanic communities for their very survival.¬† They are afraid¬†that if they turn against Blacks and Hispanics, they will riot their way into obscurity… which incidentally they would.

Rather than taking forceful action to stop this type of mob anarchy and rather than the rule of law prevailing, we get such gems from our elected leaders such as the Governator¬† that the results of Proposition 8 were, “…unfortunate, obviously, but it’s not the end.” In other words, my gay brothers and sisters, “RIOT ON!!!” (Told you I was going to start naming names – if he ain’t a RINO, I’m Al Franken!)

And who can forget this priceless little ditty from our Unassailable-in-Chief? (Right at the 36 sec mark):

What is it going to take to help us all realize that the inmates are running the asylum?

How are we going to put an end to this insanity once and for all?

Seriously, I’m looking for answers here…¬†


I want my country back.


You stay classy, Lansing…

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by cacoop

“Tolerance” 1 – Christianity 0



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by cacoop

California already grants same sex couples all of the rights, privileges and responsibilities as married couples.  See California Family Code Section 297.5.  So the opposition to Proposition 8 is obviously not a human rights issue. 

Why must there be a redefinition of marriage?  What does that buy the same sex couples of the world?  Society has already normalized homosexuality.  To question its normalcy is to be labeled a bigot.  The only thing I can come up with is the compulsion to indoctrinate.

The voters have spoken.  TWICE!  Ironically the same voters that overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama inordinately supported Proposition 8 (Blacks and Hispanics at a rate of almost 3 to 1 voted for Proposition 8 whereas Whites were almost exactly evenly divided).

  • 52% – 48% in the Presidential Election = Landslide
  • 52% – 48% in favor of Proposition 8 = Injustice of the magnitude that you must accost little old ladies.

You gotta¬†love the “Hate from both sides” comment by the talking head at the very end.¬† What a tool.¬†

Lord have mercy.

H/T Ace.