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First – on the minute chance that anyone is still checking in periodically, let me apologize for my protracted absence.  As Louis wrote, life sometimes gets in the way and in my case that has especially been so.  My mother suffered a major stroke a little less than a month ago.  The past few weeks have been spent focusing on her care and transitioning her back home.  Thankfully, she is recovering nicely.  With continued rehabilitation, time and prayers, we expect her to make a full recovery.  

That being said, even if this crisis hadn’t happened, I cannot confidently state that I would have (or for that matter – could have) amassed enough energy, concentration, heart and fervor to blog much anyway.  The simple truth is that I am discouraged, disheartened, distraught, disincentivized and pretty much any other “dis” word that you could think of by the course that our country is finding itself on.  This frame of mind is not conducive to being creative, articulate and inspired.  Regardless, I am compelled to force myself into a renewed habit of putting my thoughts to “paper” in the hope that maybe something good, productive, inspiring and insightful might come of it.  So here we go…

As it has been so long and so much has transpired since my last post, I thought it would be best to compartmentalize my thoughts into several different posts over the next few days.

Today’s Topic: Rush Limbaugh

Rush has been targeted by the left and the media (sorry – redundant) as an evil ignoramus who is hell bent on the destruction of America by publicly wishing Dear Leader his worst.  By taking Rush’s comments that he wants Obama to fail out of context, the smear campaign (orchestrated by no less than the White House itself) is in full effect.  This obfuscation serves two purposes.  First it diverts the attention of the unwashed, inherently headline focused, masses to this kerfuffle while the Obama Administration sells our country to the lowest bidding foreign power.  Second, it distracts the Conservative Movement and the Republican Party (unfortunately there is a major difference between the two these days) from focusing in on and combating the common enemy of Big-Government Liberalism, and redirects attention to a futile and counterproductive in-fight where such “principled” spokesmen as HRIC (Head RINO in Charge) Steele and Newt “Wow! Thanks for the food. Can I now bite your hand” Gingrich lambast Rush as being incendiary and out of bounds. (Warning – both links are to HuffPost… You may need hot shower and extreme eye scrub once you visit… At the very least, wipe your feet before coming back in 😉 ) 

Disclaimer – I am not a Ditto-head.  I used to be a devotee of the man, however I must admit that I have not paid much attention to him as of late (“late” being the past 10 years or so).  It is not that I think him irrelevant, it is that I personally do not care for his self-aggrandizement.  I perceive it as buffoonish.  That being said (Sorry – I use that phrase a lot), the man is correct.  Obama’s policies (which are as far left as this country has ever witnessed) need to fail.  For if they succeed, we will no longer enjoy the liberties and opportunities that this nation has provided to us.  Every aspect of Obama’s agenda – uncontrolled and misdirected spending and inconceivable tax hikes during a recession, horrific policies on abortion, ESCR, and other life issues, ad hoc / half-baked policies regarding Gitmo and the War on Terror that will put our nation in grave danger and the eminent nationalization of health care system – drives us further down the path of European Socialist Democracy.  I too hope that our Lecturer in Chief fails.  I pray that he fails MISERABLY.  His policies must not stand and his administration must not succeed.

You know all of this self-righteous indignation would be ironic if the hypocrisy wasn’t so blatant… Just a few months ago, it was considered patriotic to denigrate our President.  In fact, the vitriolic spew leveled at President Bush was championed as the pinnacle of free speech and political discourse.  An entire cottage industry of t-shirts, bumper-stickers, placards and the like was born.  Cafe Press and other similar sites were churning out orders for the “Somewhere in Texas a Village is Missing its Idiot”, “When Clinton Lied, No One Died” and who could ever forget the dandy: “Bush, Pull Out Like your Daddy Should Have!” sticker? The principle stoker of this fire, James “Cletus” Carville, moments before the first plane hit the World Trade Center, himself stated that he hoped Bush would fail.  These same idiots are now crying foul that the most consistent and principled voice of modern conservatism disagrees with the most Liberal President ever?!??  Not to fear though.  I am sure that the above the fold, front page exposé on the hypocrisy of this whole episode is imminent.  Can someone check the New York Times Sunday edition for me?

Tomorrow’s Topic: Spendulus!


I guess there is no room for free expression amongst all of the superlerific Doritos and Bud Light ads.

Way to go, assholes.

The Obama Baby (ka)Boom

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by cacoop

Let’s get it on!

Conventional wisdom tells us that monumental and sometimes cataclysmic events lead to a resultant boom in population.  Apparently, whenever something dramatic takes place in the public square, pants come off and men and women start knocking boots.  I am told that the action takes shape from one of two motives: (more…)

Thank you Captain Obvious…

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Copyright 2008 -

Copyright 2008 -

by cacoop

The Esteemable Bishop DiMarzio is scratching his head over why Catholics voted for Obama 54% to 46%.

DiMarzio said many Catholics misinterpreted or misused “Faithful Citizenship.”

Wow!  Really???!  You think.  Why might that be?

“We spoke in very clear but difficult language about moral choices,” said DiMarzio.

Uh… No.  You did not.  You, Dear Bishop, purposefully insinuated that John McCain was a racist by slyly juxtopostioning abortion and racism in the Faithful Citizenship Video (see 6:58 in video in the post below.)  And by equivocating abortion to racism you implied that this alledged bigotry was reason enough to pull the lever for Obama.

Well done.

by cacoop

Welcome back USCCB.

One question though…  Where in the heck were you during the campaign???  With the exception of a few, brave knights in Christ’s army such as Bishops Chaput, Martino and the like, the best we got from your group in 2008 b.b. (Before Barack) was the ambiguous, relativist, steaming pot of mushy feel good crap called Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship. (Warning – 5MB document coming your way). 

I will save you the frustration of wading through the complete 42 pages and take you to the salient part.  The bishops write:

The first is a moral equivalence that makes no ethical distinctions between different kinds of issues involving human life and dignity. The direct and intentional destruction of innocent human life from the moment of conception until natural death is always wrong and is not just one issue among many. It must always be opposed. 

Sounds good, huh?  Unfortunately they don’t stop there…

The second is the misuse of these necessary moral distinctions as a way of dismissing or ignoring other serious threats to human life and dignity. Racism and other unjust discrimination, the use of the death penalty, resorting to unjust war, the use of torture, war crimes, the failure to respond to those who are suffering from hunger or a lack of health care, or an unjust immigration policy are all serious moral issues that challenge our consciences and require us to act. These are not optional concerns which can be dismissed. Catholics are urged to seriously consider Church teaching on these issues. Although choices about how best to respond to these and other compelling threats to human life and dignity are matters for principled debate and decision, this does not make them optional concerns or permit Catholics to dismiss or ignore Church teaching on these important issues.

What’s the matter?  Why do I have my panties in a wad?  Well, glad you asked…

  1. The bishops say abortion and euthanasia must “always be opposed”, implying that there is to be no compromise on those issues.  Then they go on to list a whole litany of other issues that they equivocate as being equally important.
  2. They then, through juxtaposition of life issues with social justice issues, say (and I paraphrase), “Barack Obama may be pro-choice, but John McCain is a racist, warmongering, war criminal executioner who tortures those who suffer from hunger, lack of health care and an unjust immigration policy… Take your pick.”
  3. Let’s, for the sake of argument, grant the insinuation that John McCain is all of these things and more (I heard that he also likes to dress up in Cindy’s negligee whilst goose-stomping on little bunnies’ heads all while screaming, “Ja Vol” at the top of his lungs.)  So what?  There is no equivalency to abortion.  None.  Not any.  What-So-Ever.  If you are killed in the womb, you have absolutely no opportunity to be oppressed, repressed, depressed…  Abortion trumps all when it comes to social justice issues, not only qualitatively, but quantitatively.
  4. Besides is the any clearer example of racism in action than Abortion?  Why are all of the Planned Parenthoods in the hood?  The poorest, blackest, brownest and most run down parts of our cities?  One word… Eugenics.
  5. If you say, “But Emperor Barackus has pledged to reduce abortions, and I believe he is a kind and just ruler that will deliver on his promises.”, I implore you to read my post below.
  6. You may retort, “Hey Chris, you are overreacting.  The bishops meant to promote life through this campaign.”  Check out this companion piece to the FCFFC document:

Skip ahead to 6:58 where Bishop DiMarzio of the Diocese of Brooklyn, once again reiterates that “Barack Obama is misled on the abortion issue, but John McCain is the Grand Knight of the Sedona Chapter of the KKK” (OK… I paraphrased again).

Do not mistake me.  I am in no way endorsing any of the evils that the bishops list off.  I am simply stating that there was only one issue where there was a clear choice between candidates and clear choice between right and wrong.  Abortion should have defined the Catholic conscience this election and the bishops should have stood up against it.


by cacoop

Mr. Kmiec,

You were quite eloquent in your defense of Candidate Obama (now our Messiah-Elect) and adamant that his worldview would somehow rise above partisan politics and elevate the discourse to one where all views were acknowledged and given due consideration.  In your endorsement of the “One” you wrote:

 As a Republican and as a Catholic, I believe life begins at conception, and it is important for every life to be given sustenance and encouragement. As a Republican, I strongly believe that the Supreme Court of the United States must be fully dedicated to the rule of law and to the employ of a consistent method of interpretation that keeps the court within its limited judicial role. As a Republican, I believe problems are best resolved closest to their source and that we should never arrogate to a higher level of government that which can be more effectively and efficiently resolved below. As a Republican and a constitutional lawyer, I believe religious freedom does not mean religious separation or mindless exclusion from the public square.

In various ways, Sen. Barack Obama and I may disagree on aspects of these important fundamentals, but I am convinced, based upon his public pronouncements and his personal writing, that on each of these questions he is not closed to understanding opposing points of view and, as best as it is humanly possible, he will respect and accommodate them. 

So I ask you now… How is that working out for you?  This man, whom you deem to be “a person of integrity, intelligence, and genuine good will” has, through his minions (might I add, virulent partisan democrats Rahm Emmanuel and John Podesta – so much bipartisanship), declared that his first actions will be to rescind President Bush’s Executive Orders related to restrictions on ESCR and foreign aid to organizations that counsel women about the availability of abortion.  Full details here.

Oh wait… my bad… here is someone who’s views Barry O. is apparently “accommodating“:


Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America said her organization had been communicating with Obama’s transition staff almost daily. “We expect to see a real change,” the Washington Post reports.

Good thing the price of silver is on the rise.  Looks like you got 30 pieces coming your way.