Popcorn… Get your Popcorn!

Posted: February 5, 2009 by cacoop in Bailout, Corruption, Dems, Media, Obamamania, Politics, The Presidency


This is sooo much fun.  

Watch, the Head Spokes-Douche, Robert Gibbs (I mean c’mon…  Where in the hell did they find this guy?!!?  He makes Scott McClellan look like a modern day Emerson), as he gets bent over the podium by his presumed Comrade in the Media,  Jack Trapper, while trying to brush off an amazing feat of actual journalistic inquiry:

“Oh you want to dismiss my question, do you?  How about I shove an embarrassing, yet chewy, little stat up your ass illustrating the lack of support for your Generalamisimo’s stimulusless bill, dickhead?!!?”

I like mine buttered with light salt.  How do you take yours?

H/T Ace

  1. albert jones says:

    looks like happy hatred and i don’t need it, maybe one day when i’m suicidal.

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