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Barack Hussein Obama is not a misguided yet well intentioned left-leaning moderate.  He is not a pragmatic, well-spoken, amateur statesman who is finding his way.  He is a deceitful, conniving, ill-intentioned fear-monger who is doing everything he can to establish a permanent ideological, economic and cultural lurch to the left… There I said it.  Wow!  That feels good.  

He’s not taking his time either… In less than 60 days, we have witnessed the largest ingress of government control into the free markets in modern history.  By the words relayed to us from the mighty tele-prompter we have been informed that we are ending the War on Terror as we know it because it is high-time we Americans learn how bad we make the rest of the world feel when we mistreat the poor, misunderstood, freedom fighters in Gitmo whom we have unjustly hung by their scrotums (Is the sarcasm thick enough?  If not, please let me know.  I delight in lathering it on.)  Through the power of Executive Order, we have seen the return of pro-death policies such as the lifting of the Mexico City policy and the return of Embryonic Stem-Cell Research.  (With the latter, our Mighty Instiller of Fear has once again opened up the door to human cloning… only for “research purposes” mind you (yeah, right!) Eugenics, here we come!   Wouldn’t Margaret Sanger be proud? Maybe we can get rid of that pesky self-reliance, liberty seeking gene?)  

Through all of this we have been told to sit back and not question what the man and his cronies are up to because he has a mandate to lead and we must give him time and opportunity to do so.  When other duly elected leaders such as the Minority leadership in Congress questioned him on the wisdom of the Spendulus Package, they were told to sit down and shut up.  When noted liberal and respected financial guru, Jim Cramer (who is a vocal advocate of most of Obama’s policies) questioned the sanity of Obama’s choices to raise taxes on business and investment while the stock market is crumbling, he was cast to the street and ridiculed by Bobby Gibbs (wasn’t he a Bee-Gee?) as a nut-job that has a “small audience”.  All the while, his Urukai are brazenly boasting that they are leveraging this economic crisis to their advantage to ramrod their predetermined agenda up our collective asses. (Link to an EXCELLENT op.ed. by Jonah here. )

Given the vast amount of deceit, hypocrisy, acrimony and pure bullshit that is spewing forth from the administration on a daily basis, we think that this is the perfect time to launch the newest page at The Disloyal Opposition: 


“The Little Red Book of Chairman Obama”.  

In homage to Chairman Mao and LBJ, two of Obama’s apparent mentors, TLRB will be our little cozy place on the Web where we can document Dear Leader’s pearls of wisdom (read – steaming piles of crap) for all of the world to see.  We look forward to your contributions to TLRB, however there will be strict guidelines.  We want the page to be an authoritative account of Obama and his administration in THEIR OWN WORDS, especially when their words can be juxtaposed and contrasted with reality (e.g. Obama’s promise to eliminate earmarks line by line in budgets while being transparent in all things as opposed to him signing the pork laden budget bill yesterday behind closed doors.) 

For now, if you would like to suggest content for TLRB, please leave comments on TLRB‘s page (link / tab above).  Soon we will have an email setup for submissions.  If we approve the submission (i.e. We can validate its authenticity and it provides value in drawing attention to Obama’s corruption, hypocrisy and lies) we will post it to TLRB‘s page.  

Let the fun begin.

  1. Allahu Akbar shall be inscribed in Arabic on American currency, replacing the current hate slogan “In God We Trust”

    Boot Camp to be replaced with outcome-based training in all branches of the service. Instead of taking orders, recruits will be encouraged to share their impressions of what the Company Commander is suggesting they try to do.

  2. albert jones says:

    I think there are several things here that should be addressed, first, Obama has expressed firmly that he is against cloning. I feel the writer’s vehement/clever mix of words was mis-leading. To paint a picture of Obama as embracing an antiquated system such as communism and then to have others draw their evil portraits of Obama inside of it is just downright wrong and a bad idea. I wouldn’t waste my time on such a thing. I liked the phrase “Spendulus package”, although I think this also is mis-leading. The most recent Nobel prize winner in economics, Paul Krugman, believes strongly that the 700 billion dollar bailout package isn’t nearly enough. Yes, we must give Obama the benefit of the doubt and maybe try and stop medicating ourselves with the destructive indulgence into thoughtless hatreds as if on some sort of drug or something. I understand that people want to be free to become rich, that that was the dream that America was supposedly founded on. I believe that we have the right to pursue happiness. If my happiness infringes on your happiness than we know we have failed in the pursuit. I’m not good with disparities of the magnitude that we have seen in the distribution of wealth. It’s not that we should take money away from people, we see that they can do that to themselves quite well, but that we can protect them from the others, a mutual regard for one another, so that everybody may be amply well off, rich even, and yet know that somebody’s child is not going hungry that night because of him. If you don’t believe me just look at areas ravaged by poverty in places of war.

  3. cacoop says:


    Thanks for you comments and for your interest in reading the DLO. I think I know how you found us and I am glad you stopped by. I am 38, so I too remember the late 70’s, the entirety of the 80’s and 90’s and of course the 2000’s. I hope that you make the DLO a regular stop and continue to feel inclined to comment. We love “public square discourse” as you phrased it in another comment thread. In response to the above comment:

    Obama, in his typical duplicitous way, stated he would, “…ensure that the government never opens the door to the use of cloning for human reproduction.” The operative words being “for human reproduction”. He still feels it is just dandy to take human embryos, reproduce them and destroy them under the umbrella of scientific research. Cloning is cloning, whether or not “boundaries” are drawn on its use, the door will be opened wide and it is only a matter of time before we start seeing boutique, “Choose your baby” clinics where our babies are designed for us in a lab. OH, that’s right… we are already there… http://tinyurl.com/btv56w.

    On the topic of Nobel Prize Winning Economists, as of late, “Nobel Prize Winning” anything is a red flag. One of the latest NPW’ers is suggesting a one-world currency. (http://tinyurl.com/bbfnd9). Wow! That has worked out splendidly for Europe hasn’t it? The fact is that the majority of Economists are berating Obama and Geithner for performing one for the greatest bait and switch schemes ever. (http://tinyurl.com/dexezn). While promising to continue down the path of stabilizing banks and firming up troubled assets, instead they have taken advantage of the crisis to fulfill every liberal wet-dream spending wish imaginable.

    When it comes to equity, the key difference is one of philosophy. Your’s, my friend, is patently false. Mine, on the other hand, is empirically true. You see, liberals believe (incorrectly) that there is “one pie” that never grows that must be evenly distributed. Conservatives correctly believe that the size of the pie is limitless and that with productive, incentivized, happy, profitable people, the pie will continue to grow and grow and grow. The politics of class warfare have nothing to do with economics. It is a base, primal desire to take that which you do not have from someone who does. On a micro level, things are not so clear, so there are necessary controls in the market to ensure that abuses are stemmed and corrections are allowed to happen. When governments take command of economies and force redistribution, it stifles productivity, eliminates incentives and indeed freezes the size of the pie. You have a self-fulfilling prophesy on your hands.

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