More Change We Can Believe In!

Posted: January 17, 2009 by lamayor in Communism, Dems, Latin America, Politics, Senate


Do you know this woman hobnobbing with Monkey Boy Chavez and Daniel Ortega?  You probably don’t but the Senate should.

See, that is anti-military activist Linda Panetta, daughter of CIA Director-designate, Leon Panetta.  While Papa Leon is not responsible for the beliefs and actions of his wayward daughter, her closeness to regimes and others who do not wish us well is a valid concern.  How close do his views coincide with his daughter’s?  The Senate needs to probe this aggressively.

  1. gil says:

    Does the child usually take on the views of the parents? Just a mere photo op of my daughter and “the other” warrants enough from me to say no to mr panaetta. I know its short sightedness but heh we are who are parents instill in us.

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