Hodge Podge o’ Thoughts

Posted: January 2, 2009 by cacoop in Bailout, Blogs, Corruption, Dems, Economy, Israel, Media, Miscellaneous, Politics, RINOS, Senate, Terrorism

It has been awhile so I thought the best way to get the blog-o-matic running again would be to dump out a few quick (read – half baked) thoughts:

  • HRIC (Head RINO in Charge) GWB’s usurping of the failed UAW bailout, Al Franken’s election fixing in MN, Blago’s “appointment” of his buddy Burris (a man who fought to execute a beyond-teh-shadow-of-a-doubt innocent (albeit dirtbaggish) man to appear tough on crime whilst running for governor) and the upcoming Coronation of Sweet Princess Caroline (teh awesomest vid evah here) have all turned the US Senate into the equivalent of a Bugs Bunny Cartoon.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Bugs… just not sure that “Ballot Box Bunny” is the appropriate template for electing people to what has been up till now a vital branch of our Federal Government.
  • Government bailouts extending to Newspapers goes way beyond the absurd into the realm of obscene, intolerable and unconstitutional. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN!
  • Roseanne Barr is a fricking moron. (VDA forthcoming)
  • Favorite new blog here (WARNING – NSFW – Lot’s of profanity.)

Happy New Year.

  1. Jason says:

    f/u penguin is my new favorite blog too. Holy crap that’s funny.

  2. gil says:

    I just want 85k thats all…congress will know exactly where its going…To Chase Bank thats where…then I can stimulate the economy by pumping the rest of the fruits of my labor into buying an 80inch Plasma with a Bose home movie theater sound system and some movie theater seating all from Private enterprises that need stimulation and I need opulance…nuff said there

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