Reality Unwound…

Posted: December 12, 2008 by cacoop in Bailout, Blogs, Dems, Economy, RINOS, Senate


Through my burgeoning participation in “Social Media Activism” such as The DLO and other Blogs, Rebuild the Party and Twitter, I have had the opportunity to converse with some very interesting and intelligent, like-minded individuals; Men and Women that woke up on November 5th with an extreme sense of dread and remorse.  Dread for obvious reasons and remorse for not having done more to help prevent the inevitable pain we will encounter over the next, hopefully few, years.

One such individual is a Pastor from right here in San Antonio who blogs (and tweets) under the moniker “Reality Unwound”.

Where I tend to be more sardonic and angry, “RU” is often much more contemplative and reasoned.  On the Auto-Bailout failure (or should I say victory?) of last night, “RU” has been able to put to words that which I could not: a thankfullness for the bailout failing to pass the Senate, but with a sobering realization that there are going to be tough consequences ahead from the events of last night.  Indeed consequences that must be endured to ultimately fix what ailes us, but tough nonetheless.  Please read what he has to say, here.

Reality Unwound, welcome to the Blogroll.

  1. Jason says:

    REALLY glad to be here! Great stuff. I’m still getting my page up and running, but rest assured, you’ll be on my blogroll too. Thanks for the kindness.

  2. cacoop says:

    Aha – now I know your name 😉

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