The Coming Buyer’s Remorse

Posted: November 20, 2008 by lamayor in Obama, Politics

By LAMayor

Have you ever had those moments when you know exactly what you want to say but can’t find the words to say it?  Alfredo de la Cruz at Babalu pens a great post that takes the words right out of my mouth — Obama voters will eventually experience buyer’s remorse and we will all suffer for it.

A little over half of America—our brothers and sisters, our friends and co-workers—have fallen in love with someone we know will eventually hurt them. And since we all have to live together, we will also be hurt by their choice. We tried to warn them, and we tried to show them the eventual consequences of their decision. But they were in love with a notion; they were enamored of an imaginary image created to capture their hearts instead of their minds. And so they took the plunge and said “I do.”

As Americans, all we can do is smile and wish them well; to wish them otherwise would be to wish the same on ourselves. We can only hope that things will not turn out as bad as we think they will, but for certain we will be there to pick up the pieces when this fantasy comes crashing down.

  1. thirteen28 says:

    It’s like watching a friend or a love one make a mistake where you can see it coming from a mile away … no matter how many times you warn them, they’re just not going to get it until they actually feel the pain caused by their choice.

  2. Lynn in S.A. says:

    But they won’t listen if you tell them they are making a bad decision. So don’t. Just be there to pick up the pieces and help make it better when they realize their mistake.

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