“Smash the reactionary forces of Imperialism!”

Posted: November 15, 2008 by lamayor in Media, Obama


"Yes, we can but you can't."

By LAMayor

Upon declaring communism in Cuba, fidel castro proclaimed, “Within the Revolution everything, outside of the Revolution nothing”.  This was a not so subtle threat to watch your ass.  Is the same chilling effect on speech happening in Hopeandchange America? 

As depressingly evidenced in their campaign, aided by their media toadies, The Obamans will defame and attack (formerly known as The Politics of Personal Destruction© — see Clinton, Bill) anyone who threatens the carefully constructed image of The South Side Redeemer.  Just ask Joe the Plumber. 

Aided by the media, the campaign threatened its critics.  Now we have this lovely story.  I don’t want to sound hysterical but . . . .


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