Speaking of bearded dictators . . .

Posted: November 14, 2008 by lamayor in Communism, Cuba, Latin America, Obama, Politics

Warms the heart, doesn't it?

By lamayor

Holy crap.  Am I the only one concerned about this?  For those of us old enough to remember the Cold War, the thought of a resurgent Russia and China on the make should raise red flags (no pun intended but accurate).  Drudge brings us these two disturbing stories here and here.

This will do nothing but extend the lease on life of a tyrannical dictatorship.  All the while, the Cuban people will continue to suffer under the thumb of the castros, the original Murder, Inc.  We all know what a Cuba, flush with cash, is capable of.

Also, this is a boon for fidel, jr. – Monkey Boy Chavez.  Not only does he gain international legitimacy, however dubious it may be, but it helps him tighten the screws even further on the Venezuelan people.  This further increases the rogue gallery of America haters on Monkey Boy’s MySpace Friends List.

After a decade of Bush ignoring a resurgent Left in Latin America hell-bent on reshaping the continent, it is time for us to wake up.  In addition to Cuba and Venezuela – Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras, and Nicaragua (Danny Ortega is back!) are changing constitutions and reversing hard-fought democratic gains.

We hope President Hope-ama will show some leadership and stand up for freedom in our backyard.  He can start by unequivocally standing with our friends and supporting the free trade agreements for Colombia and Panama and telling the Russians and Chinese to watch their asses.  If Hope-ama thinks that his coronation and force of personality will convince these guys to play nice, he is in for a rude awakening.  History doesn’t sleep.

We can hope – after all, isn’t that what the election was all about?


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