Thank you Captain Obvious…

Posted: November 13, 2008 by cacoop in Abortion, Family, Politics, Religion
Copyright 2008 -

Copyright 2008 -

by cacoop

The Esteemable Bishop DiMarzio is scratching his head over why Catholics voted for Obama 54% to 46%.

DiMarzio said many Catholics misinterpreted or misused “Faithful Citizenship.”

Wow!  Really???!  You think.  Why might that be?

“We spoke in very clear but difficult language about moral choices,” said DiMarzio.

Uh… No.  You did not.  You, Dear Bishop, purposefully insinuated that John McCain was a racist by slyly juxtopostioning abortion and racism in the Faithful Citizenship Video (see 6:58 in video in the post below.)  And by equivocating abortion to racism you implied that this alledged bigotry was reason enough to pull the lever for Obama.

Well done.

  1. Wolverine says:

    I am amazed that at the number of evangelicals that vote for pro-death candidates.

  2. cacoop says:

    Unfortunately, the problem is even more pervasive in the Catholic Church. Until the leaders of our churches speak out UNAMBIGUOUSLY, I fear the trends will worsen.

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