A good first step…

Posted: November 10, 2008 by cacoop in RINOS

by cacoop

It’s time for a change.  The Republican Leadership in both houses needs to go.

A good read here.

Mitch – Thanks for 1998 and 2000.  You were an effective Whip and you were rewarded for it in 2006.  Unfortunately, you presided over the weakest, most ineffectual and least liked opposition in the history of the US Senate.  When you let your party’s principles get sacrificed on the altar of bipartisanship appeasement (even when it is your own President leading us down the primrose path of Socialism), it is time for you to step aside.  It has been fun (not really).  No hard feelings (OK, so there are some).

Johnny B. – Gosh, I really believed you when you put up the initial fight against the bailout.  There was a time that you could be reliably called upon to stand on principle, not just when it is politically expedient…  The Union Leader Op-Ed nails it here.


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